A Beautiful Hostess Station

Hello amazing people!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I want to share with you a project that I worked on this weekend…a hostess station. And this little project involved my most favourite kind of fun…taking an ugly flea market find and turning it into something both useful AND pretty.

Here is what I started with…a ratty, pretty unremarkable old metal stand that has been kicking around our house forever. I know we have had it since at least 1994 when we bought our first house and I vaguely remember giving it a quick coat of white paint way back then. And it has been used in a few rooms in our house, but it has spent the last 8 years in our basement storage area. Until I wanted  to make a hostess station on the back deck and then this caught my eye…dusty and forgotten but perfect for a new job!
Hello yellow spray paint! How I adore you.
Can you believe the difference?
A quick 2 coats of yellow paint and what a beauty.
I now have a beautiful hostess station for our back deck that cost only the price of a can of $6.97 paint. 
It is the perfect surface for drinks, snacks, dishes, cutlery and even some pretty flowers.
 On the second shelf is a collection of cutlery, my collection of mismatched melamine plates and mismatched cloth napkins. I love mismatched collections.
And the best part? You can add in a new piece and it fits in perfectly with all the other mismatched items.
 I took a recycled jar and added this fun chalkboard label to house my collection of colourful chevron straws.
 A water picture and my beautiful NEW blue mason jars complete the drink tray.
 I love my new hostess station…it is pretty and functional and it cost less than $8 to create.
How about you? 
Have you freshened up an old something-or-other recently with a can of spray paint?
What colour did you use?
Do tell…inquiring minds want to know.
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And for more inspiration, please visit these boards on Pinterest:
{And a special thank you to the folks at Greenmunch for providing me with the beautiful chevron straws, chalkboard labels and blue mason jars to help make my hostess station so pretty!  Please visit their website for the latest in trendy party goods and eco-friendly products.}

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    This is beautiful Angie…and inspirational! I totally pinned this. I have a table sitting in the basement that would work for this! :)

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    A hostess station…I'll remember that the next time I'm looking at a random piece of furniture at the thrift store and wondering how it might be useful.

    Love your bright colors and how happy and pretty your little outdoor party place looks (I think I'll look for melamine plates now). Lynaea @ EveryDayBloom.com

  3. says

    I love the idea of a hostess station, and yours turned out so great! Also awesome that it's such an easy project.

    I now plan to get myself a hostess station for our future porch. And some lovely mixed plates and napkins – such a great collection of fun colors!

  4. says

    This is just gorgeous! Can't believe this is my first visit to your blog! I love the colors and this theme might make a cute table for my son's wedding coming up for the guest book. His fianncee loves bright colors.

    Pam aka Momma from http://mommacan.com

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    No lie…I totally have a can of yellow spray paint sitting right next to me and I almost used it today and decided to wait until I had more time to work on my project. After seeing this I am even more excited to start working on things! :-)


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    What a fun and useful way to reuse something you already had. I love that you painted it such a bright color! Love the straw jar and the mismatched plates and napkins. You are a girl after my own heart!


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