Valentine Sweet-spiration Week:Valentine Vignette

If I had to choose between decorating for Valentine’s Day and Christmas Day as a favourite way to spend a few hours…I am not sure I could choose.
I mean, who could not help but love adding the theme of romance to their home?
It was a perfect day for decorating projects because it was insufferably cold outside again today….in the area of -40.
I put on some big band music and dug around my collection of Valentine’s things to create a vignette.

 Here’s a tip for creating a vignette…books with coloured spines are great things to use…today I gathered up my red-spined books to add to the theme.
 I found these darling little cupcake decorations at Pier 1.
The decorations on the branches are all dollar store finds.
 You may remember I found these at the dollar store for $2 each and I took them apart to make napkin rings.
If you notice the bottom 2 hearts only have 1 hole for wire.
I used this scrapbooking tool set and….
added another small hole…

 and then pushed the wire into the other hole to make the heart into a hanging decoration for the branches.

And these soft velvet looking hearts were in a package for a dollar.
I prettied them up a bit by using a hot glue gun to add a button for a bit of homemade charm.
I think you could also easily paint these.
It makes for such a pretty valentine tree!
This project is the end of the fun for Valentine-Sweetspiration Week!
It was a lot of fun as I shared ideas for a little crafting, a little tablescaping, a little baking, a little packaging and some decorating!
I so hope that you found some inspiration!
Thank you so much for joining me & all of your lovely comments!
You are all fabulous!

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  1. says

    Hi Angie,
    My oh my!!! It is cold in Alberta! It isn't that cold here, -35 with wind chill, but only -24 out of the wind. The sun is shining brilliantly, though!!! That is why I love it here, the sun shines all the time, just about.
    Your Valentine vignette is beautiful and so cheerful. I love all of it, you are very creative, taking dollar store stuff and making it look home done. Beautiful!
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. says

    -40! Oh my! It was close to 60 degrees here today. Anyway, what a great inspiration to decorate! Can't wait to get my valentines stiff out.
    Thank you for the great dollar store ideas!

  3. says

    -40??!?!?!?! As in -40 DEGREES??!?!? Oh, my goodness!!! I am going to stop complaining right now about the lousy little +6 we woke up to the last couple of days. Wow….-40!!!!!!!!!!! I just didn't even know the air could BE that cold!!! Yowza!!! Very cute decorations, and they're EXTRA cute because you did them yourself! Very creative! Have a good weekend!

  4. says

    Wonderful Valentine vignette! The cute cupcakes on the cake plate are adorable. Crafty people like you are so smart…dressing up those already-great hearts with a button… I would never think of that! They look terrific on the branches!
    P.S. Thanks so much for your email tip on switching to new Blogger template. I've been thinking of doing it for awhile and you were the push I needed. I hope it has helped with the comment thing.


  5. says

    My husband & I never ever celebrate Valentines Day, so no holiday decor at my house. Thus, I doubly appreciate seeing your sweet, fun Valentine day decorations.

  6. says

    Hi Angie,
    LOVE your mantle! It's so pretty and festive. I just stated putting out my Valentines decor today. Love seeing the pops of red and pink when everything outside is so blah : ) Thanks for the inspriation! Love the cupcakes the best. So Cute!!!
    Hope all is well ~
    Danielle xo

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