Our Christmas Eve Dinner….Lobster Rolls…

I don’t know if it’s the Maritime blood in me or whether it’s my affinity for all seafood, but I am serving my family ‘Lobster Rolls’ for Christmas Eve dinner.
My mother started this tradition years ago in our little family and it works perfectly because it is yummy, easy and a good pre-cursor to the onslaught of turkey in the days that follow.
The traditional lobster roll is lobster meat mixed with mayo and a little diced celery served in a hot dog bun.
However, while in Florida last March, I learned that there is a ‘Connecticut’ version where the lobster meat is thrown into a frying pan with butter and then loaded into a hot dog bun.
Either way….both are delicious!
I will be serving our lobster rolls with coleslaw and chips on the side.
And a dill pickle.
Can’t forget the dill pickle…dill pickles are a must with a sandwich.
What about you? What is your traditional Christmas Eve dinner?

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    I love lobster, Angie! I even have gluten free hot dog rolls so I could totally do this! We don't do anything traditionally, although we keep it kind of light on Christmas Eve, unless we are actually celebrating that night. This year we will do something light ~ we may even go out to eat! Christmas Day there will be a lot of food between my daughter and me so I'm envisioning lots of left-overs.

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    Oh, that sounds so yum! I usually switch up what I serve based on what new recipes I want to try. Christmas Dinner is always ham and sides, so this year we are having Creamy Chicken Enchiladas for Christmas Eve. I put it in the oven on delay bake so it's done when we get home from church. But next year we might have to have Lobster Rolls!

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    I love traditions! We do have foods that we usually make every year, but last we did something completely different and had a Taco Night! I loved it – it was so much fun. =)

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    OMG Angie,

    These look delicious!! I think the maritime blood and the love of lobster is the same thing… Well, it is for all of us. We had Lobsters for Christmas Eve last year, my parents had them shipped up for us and a couple of jars of canned Lobster that we enjoyed later it was so good…
    All the Best,

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    I love this! On Christmas Eve me and my husband have our Christmas time together since the following day is filled with family. And in the past I have cooked a ham for us and it is fun but I decided this year I wanted something easier and something that I really would enjoy. So this year I am making some cheese stuffed pasta. I love italian food so for me it will be a treat! Why did I not figure this out sooner! So I think it is great you pass on this tradition and it is so nice to do something different than the typical Christmas staples!

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    Yes, this is the Maritimer in you! Wish I had a Christmas Eve tradition. We always did the big dinner on Christmas day and nothing the night before.

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    Angie, Lobster rolls for Christmas Eve!!!! What a wonderful idea, three cheers to your Mom for starting that tradition. Wish I was serving that, unbelievably half my family would not eat it, so sad. Thanks for stopping by and following, Laura (Your newest follower)

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    Okay I'm reading this at 6 am and hungry for lobster…it's too late for me to put this together for Christmas Eve but I think this goes on the menu for New Year Eve…thanks Angie for always inspiring me..and making me hungry!

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    Hmm…sounds yummy! Especially when it's lobster season now in Nova Scotia (and available to those of us in PEI). What a wonderful holiday treat & tradition.
    I just starting reading your blog and want to wish you Merry Christmas and all the best in 2012.

    – A PEIslander –

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