When she was four…..

“Not too many things catch your heart in this world, so whatever catches your heart you should do. ”          
 ~Michelle Kelly, Athlete {1974- }

When she was 4 years old, one day out of the blue, she started asking me about skating.
“Mommy. I want to learn how to skate.
 I want to wear a dress and twirl.”
I didn’t pay a lot of attention at first because I thought it was a passing fancy for a little 4 year old girl.
I don’t skate myself…other than the odd winter skate.
But this request from my curly girl didn’t ‘pass’ or go away….it just…persisted.
I was pregnant with her brother at the time, and we were building a new house.
My energy was flagging and I didn’t feel like adding another activity to our schedule.
She was already doing ballet and piano.
But in January 2001, we registered her for the Can Skate Learn to Skate program at the local arena.
And she’s been skating ever since.
Her father took her to Can Skate for the first 2 years.
After she completed Can Skate in 2 years, she moved on to “Star Skate” which involved private lessons.
And then I started taking her to skating, while Dad stayed home with her toddler brother.
She loved skating.
About 5 years ago,  when we moved to another province, she tried synchronized skating for the first time.
It was then that she found a new passion.
 Synchronized Skating.
She loves this sport so much, she has been skating with a synchro team ever since.
Often, she skate with 2 teams a season.
Her first year of synchro~the “Car Wash” program~2005-2006.
~the “Cinderella” program~2005-2006.
~the “Ragtime” program~2006-2007.
~the “Ballerina” program~2006-2007.
~the “Jungle” program~2007-2008.
~the “Cars” program~2007-2008.
~the “Spanish” program~2008-2009.
 ~the “Movies” program~2008-2009.
~the “Monsters vs. Aliens” program~2009-2010.
And like any sport, sychro skating has brought many things to her life….like….
Fun and new friendships.
Shared mother and daughter times.
Fun and pretty costumes.
Because of synchro skating… we have travelled to Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina, Toronto, and Chilliwack.
Mentoring experiences with older skaters in the club.
A singles skating coach who becomes a trusted friend.
A fantastic head coach who teaches, develops and inspires.
Who makes you more than you thought you could be.
{As spectators at Synchro Worlds in Colorado in 2010.}
And all this because of dreams of a little 4 year old girl.
Who wanted to put on skates and a dress
 and twirl.

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  1. says

    And i have to add to your last sentence…a mom who said YES to help her daughter fulfill her dream!
    What a wonderful post …you brought tears to my eyes and now I'm all choked up!!!!!
    You must be so proud of your beautiful daughter Angie!!
    Pamela xo

  2. says

    that is awesome. how wonderful that she felt the urge so strongly, and has continued and followed through…but more important is that you, as a parent of a 4 year old, listened to that and did something about it. you rock! well, you both rock!

  3. says

    Some of the best times my mom and I had was with skating. I picked it up late but all was not lost. I skated on 2 teams and also did singles skating. This provided us with plenty of girl weekends. This has also provided me with a job for the past 13 years. What an amazing thing to share. This post made me smile thinking back on all the wonderful things I shared with my mom and now hope to share with my 4 year old.

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