Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover

Last summer, we set out to re-doing both of our teenagers’ bedrooms and our son’s room was in desperate need of attention as it had not been painted for 8 years. We completely finished our teen daughter’s bedroom, but with our son’s room, we had a few more projects to work on that took more time. We built this simple DIY headboard for under $40 and I created a new study space for him as he began junior high school. And we finally just got around to finishing some of the smaller details, so I wanted to share how his teen boy bedroom looks now.

Here’s what our son’s ‘little boy’ bedroom looked like. Dark blue walls {which I would never paint again for any room}, captains bed with moon and star sheets, surrounded by little boy stuff.
And here is his little pine desk that he had for a number of years, which has now been re-purposed as a side table in the family room.
As soon as my son reached age 11, he started asking for a bigger bed, so we invested in a new double bed for him.
And last summer, we got him a new larger study desk and packed away many of the ‘little boy toys’. It was a big project to purge and sort through toys and books.
But we finally have a room suited for a young teenage dude with an attitude.
You know the difference between a little boy’s room and a big boy’s room?
The toys and legos on the floor get swapped out for wet towels on the floor and dirty dishes on the desk. On the plus side….they sleep in and never wake you up early!
He has the smallest bedroom in the house, so every inch works hard!
And his study space that will be clean only until school starts. 
And most of his clothes are stored in the closet. Here’s another secret about teen boys….they hate folding clothes. So I have his closet organized so that he hangs almost everything up!
Although not a very big space, this is a room that will work for him for years to come with a design that reflects the young man that he is growing into.
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