Stencilled Muslin Bag Advent Calendar

 I’ve had so much fun creating this week and this stencilled muslin bag was one of the projects that I tackled. It was so much fun to make and I have to say that I love how the bright red and black look on the muslin bags. We always like to celebrate advent with a calendar of some sort, and the last few years I have made one for our family to enjoy. You might remember that last year I made this chevron bag advent calendar that was so much fun and easy to make too. Now let’s take a look at how I made this so you can make one too if you like!

Here’s a little looksie-loo at the supplies I used. Most of the things I already had except for the muslin bags which I purchased at a Craft Store from the wedding section.

Supply List:
Red craft paint
Black craft paint
Paint dauber
3 background stencils-chevron, polka-dots and flower circles is what I used.
Assorted number stencils 
25 muslin bags
1. If the muslin bags are very wrinkly, iron first because stencilling is easier on a flat surface.
2. Before stencilling each bag, place a small piece of cardboard inside to prevent the paint from bleeding through to the other side of the bag. {I only stencilled one side of the bag.}
3. Place stencil over muslin bag, and holding it firmly, stencil the red pattern.

For this project, I used 3 different patterns for the bags. I stencilled 9 bags in chevron,  8 polka dot bags and then 8 flower circle bags. Let paint dry completely.

4. Using black paint, stencil black numbers from 1-25 on the bags, alternately the patterns of the bags. Let paint dry completely.
Then fill the bags with whatever treats you desire!
I used chocolates and small candies that the kids like, but you could use non-food items too because the bags will hold lots of types of little treasures.
This project was so much fun to make and the beauty is that you could make it in any colour you like, and it would be a great project to make as a family too!
When I was finished making and stuffing the bags, I hung the advent calendar on two wire frames, but you could also hang it across the front of a mantel or on the Christmas tree itself.
I am thinking of possibly hanging ours on the Christmas tree when we get it up!
If you are thinking of making your own advent calendar this year, I have lots of inspiring ideas on my Pinterest boards:
Happy Crafting!

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    I love this Angie. The red and black makes such a great impact. I made one with muslin bags last year and I had trouble finding the bags. I had to order them online! It was worth it in the end because we really enjoyed the calendar. And we will be using it again soon!


  2. says

    I absolutely LOVE this advent calendar. The bright red gives it such a POP. The patterns on the bags are perfect, as well as the frame you've chose to hang them on. LOVE it ALL!

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