SodaStream Tasting Bar

A few short weeks ago, the folks at SodaStream Canada contacted me and asked if I would like to try out and review their system.
Would I?
 You bet your grandmother’s rocking chair I would!
I had recently tried the Sodastream at a friend’s house and I was smitten with the idea.
I even seriously looked at them one day in a store with thoughts of buying one for our family.
This is what the awesome folks from SodaStream sent me:
A Green Fizz starter kit and a sample pack of flavours to try.
We were so excited to get this package in the mail….my son could not open it fast enough.
So, I threw a little taste testing party for our family plus a few friends.
I put out a bunch of flavours to try and some salty snacks to keep people thirsty!
My daughter’s friend Jen loved the root beer.
My husband’s favourite was cranberry-raspberry.
I loved the cola.
My daughter liked the iced tea.
This was my 11 year old son’s review:
And after he had drank a gallon of soda, we kind of cut him off.
A-hem. Moving on.
Now, let’s talk about how easy it is to make drinks.
It’s so easy that my 11 yr. old can do it!
The SodaStream uses recyclable 1 litre bottles to make drinks.
1 bottle comes with the starter kit,but you can also buy more.
{We have 4 bottles total now. I use masking tape & a sharpie to label the bottles in the fridge as to what flavour each bottle is.}
And let me tell you what I *LOVE* about the SodaStream:
I love that we can make our own drinks at home using our own water.
The flavours taste great & there are lots to choose from!
No more lugging heavy soda bottles home from the grocery store.
It doesn’t use any power…which makes it perfect for cottages and motor homes.
And most importantly, it gets our family directly involved in helping to divert over
360 billion bottles and cans from the landfill each year.
It reduces our carbon footprint by making our sodas at home and not using sodas
that are trucked hundreds or thousands of km to the grocery store.

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  1. says

    That looks fabulous and I must say that your 11 year old modelled that beautifully, or should I say handsomely. Anyway, it looks like a great product.
    Hugs, Cindy

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