1 Little Cart…So Many Possibilities…

Have you had the chance to look at some of the offerings that Ikea has for Spring?
This little piece really caught my eye…a versatile little cart and then when I saw the price at only $29.99, I couldn’t help but to dream up all the things this little cart could be.
Ikea shows it here as a helper in the kitchen.
But I could picture it as so many other things.
I am seriously considering picking this up for my teenage daughter’s bedroom for her to use as a portable little ‘glam’ station….a place for all her makeup, potions & lotions and accouterments for hair styling.
{These things currently litter her bed & bathroom…so they need a little home!}
It’s small and light. It has wheels. 
Often she has girlfriends over and they get ready for some social event together…this would be perfect for the various beauty makeovers that happen in her room…but then it could be easily wheeled out of the way.
I think this little piece would also make a great:
Drink & beverage station for the back deck or patio.
A cute little arts and craft center for little ones.
A potting bench for a space without a lot of room. 
A portable desk holding office supplies and such.
A tea or bar cart for a small dining space.
A plant stand for flowers that could moved around to follow light and shade.
A sweet little dessert station for entertaining.
So many possibilites for just the right budget friendly price.
What comes to mind when you see this adorable little piece?

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    You had me at "Ikea". :) I love the cart… and for the price?! You can't beat it! I would definitely use it outside as a beverage/appetizer cart.

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    So super cute,- i like the idea of the planting station… but the handle and wheels seem to be positioned wrong.. wouldn't you lean it back to wheel it around? Just thinking … :)

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    Oh, I would love it in my laundry room. Keep your current load of laundry basket on top and all your soaps, stain removers, etc. on the shelves below. And you can roll it in between the washer and dryer no problem. I love IKEA!

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    Hello Angie,
    Oh, I love this Ikea cart! I think that it would be perfect for extra work space when I am making handmade soap. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment. Turning the favorite :o).
    Smiles, Paula

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    That's cute – wonder if my daughter could use that in her apartment? i think using it for cosmetics is brilliant! She could even store her blow dryer and straightener on the bottom, her nail polish stuff in the middle. might have to suggest this to her!

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    For $30 how can you go wrong? So many possibilites. I love it in the bathroom as a glam station – even to hold makeup, extra towels, ect. And would also be great in the kitchen to hold herbs, plants, extra pots and platters. Luckily we have an Ikea close by. I might have to check this one out : )

    Thanks Angie – Happy Friday!!

    Danielle xo

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    I like it. My kitchen is too small for an island and this would be great as an ingredient station for my cooking classes. Thanks for the tip!

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    Oh, the uses for that little cart are endless for sure. I'm dying to get to Ikea. The closest one to me is a bit away in south Philly. Wish one was closer, or maybe not! It may mean a constantly drained bank account!

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    Wow! What a lovely little cart and you have so many fabulous ideas, Angie. I think you have pretty much covered it.
    We shall have an IKEA here in Winnipeg very soon! I will be so excited to visit it.
    Hugs, Cindy

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