Our Birthday Boy…

A few weeks ago, my youngest celebrated his 11th birthday.
Although my husband was going to be away on an 8 day business trip on his birthday, I decided to go ahead with the birthday party plans on my  own.
Our guy requested just a  few friends to help celebrate his birthday….which was totally fine by me.
Our days of themes and treat bags and perfectly themed-out everything are over because, to be honest, he doesn’t care about any of that stuff.
He just wants fun.
Real fun.
He doesn’t want “Mommy-the-Party-Planner” birthday.
He just wants to have a  good time with his friends.
 We started off with going to the movies.
The boys wanted to see the new movie “The Journey”.
So off we went….that’s the great thing about a small party….they can all fit in your car!
And after I got them all settled in with popcorn and drinks and the movie started….I snuck across the hall to watch “The Vow” with Hunter.
And made it back before the boys were finished their movie.
Next on the birthday boy’s list…..laser tag.
The laser tag gallery wasn’t far from the movie theatre, so we skipped over and managed to get in right away for a game.
The boys came out half an hour later,  hot and tired and ready for supper.
{I love 11 year old boys…they are so easy to please and so happy all the time!}
At the birthday boy’s request, we stopped at A & W on the way home for  teenburgers and root beers to take home.
Then it was pyjama time and hang out time.
And a giant pillow fight ensued…..with lots of giggling.
Then I had to play  ‘ mean mommy’ and make everyone head to bed.
They all had hockey games the next day, so bedtime was 9:30 pm.
I put them all in sleeping bags on the floor in my bedroom so I could keep a close eye on them and play ‘jail warden’…shushing them every 5 minutes to go to sleep.
Everyone was sound asleep by 10:20 pm.
And I didn’t hear a peep from anyone until after 8 am the next morning.
I made them a hearty hockey breakfast of wholewheat blueberry pancakes, sausages & fruit.
 And since everyone was too full from the teenburgers the night before, the birthday boy had his birthday cupcake the next morning after breakfast.
And after everyone was picked up and the house was quiet again…..he came to me and said,
“Thank you Mommy”.
{You bet buddy! But can you do Mom a favour and STOP growing up so fast!}

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    Great job Birthday Warden! My almost 10 year old came home today from a bday party last night. She stayed up until 3:30 this morning and was horrible and grumpy all day. Ugh. Happy Bday to your son!

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    This is so nice Angie! Sounds like it was the perfect celebration for your son. Just what he wanted. (easy on you too : ) Your pictures are so sweet. I can see his happiness. Looks like he was having a ball with his friends.

    Now how do we figure out how to stop that pesky clock from ticking? Time goes by way too fast.

    Danielle xo

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    My favorite part of your story? "Thank you mommmy." That is the stuff that sticks with me forever. Our kids know they are deeply loved, don't they?

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    I remember well the transition between having themed bday parties with tons of kids on to the "go to the movie" with a few close friends – loved that leap! Sounds/looks like you helped your son celebrate in just the right manner too! Enjoy every moment, for sure, they grow up SO FAST!


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