Reviving a Kitchen with Paint & Decor…

I have shared on this blog before how my husband & I purchased our home on a short 5 day house hunting trip.
It was stressful to say the least, and we ended up buying a house that was our 3rd choice.
Below is the kitchen on the day we purchased the house.
It is not a big or remarkable kitchen.
Just a normal run-of-the-mill kitchen…nothing fancy schmancy.
Take note of:
The boring colour on the walls.
The lack of personality.
The dumpy appliances…{the appliances were included but we said no thank you}.
The vinyl floor coverings.
Not very inspirational at all.
Because of our big move across the country…we did not have a budget for renovations or huge decorating projects.
I began with the cheapest transformational tool out there…..paint!
 I chose a very warm yellow-y colour…Benjamin Moore’s Gingerroot.
For years I have decorated with blue & white because it is a colour scheme that I love and this colour makes a wonderful backdrop for blue & white.
Gingerroot on the walls made the kitchen feel instantly warm & inviting.
It makes a nice contrast to the white cabinets.
We painted, painted, painted.
Added a new stainless steel sink.
New stainless steel appliances.
And after 2 years, we added a medium brown laminate floor.
I thought the kitchen looked so much better for not a lot of money.
 Then I set to work organizing my kitchen into ‘zones’.
This is my baking corner…everything I need is within reach.
{I do bake a lot…my flour & sugar canisters are looking sort of empty!}
 This is our food prep & plate zone.
And yes…there is real butter in the butter dish….Julia Child lived to be 92 years old and she ate pounds of butter…so that’s what I am going with!
 The small counter by the fridge makes a perfect coffee corner.
Anyone can help themselves to coffee, tea or hot chocolate without having to go into the work zones.
The cabinet above holds all of our coffee & tea cups.
 I decorated the top of the cabinets with things we already had…it is a great storage spot for things not used very often.

 This kitchen is a great 1 person kitchen. Everything is within easy reach.
It is small & humble…but it works for me.
There are a lot of things on the counter…but I cook every day and  all of those items are used and needed
Yes…. I still dream of a custom designed kitchen with white cabinets, subway tile and marble counters with some gleaming chandeliers, but for now…this feels great!
And you know the best part about a small kitchen?
Cleanup is a breeze.

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  1. says

    I don't think it looks "cluttered" at all, Angie! Especially when you have that whole other side that looks clear. I see you have the same as me with the microwave taking up some prime counter space. I would have wanted mine over the stove, but hubby hates how they get messy underneath from splashes and splatters so on the counter it sits! I may move my Keurig to my small counter by the fridge {like yours}. I like that and putting the mugs above it ~ good idea!

  2. says

    You've done a wonderful job on the kitchen, Angie! I know the fun of adding your personality to your place…thanks for sharing this with us…and congratulations on the new house!

  3. says

    Thank you for coming to visit me and your wonderful comment! I am in love with the color you choose for your kitchen! I'm soo jealous of the space you have above your cabinets!! Beautiful!!


  4. says

    It looks good though- I will have to post a photo of my kitchen for you- we are in a rental- but we have one long bench and a sink right in the corner…no room at all to do anything!

  5. says

    Love your kitchen Angie! I also have designated spots and it helps alot. I don't think your counters are cluttered at all. Believe me, I work in real estate and post pictures of peoples cluttered rooms all the time.

  6. says

    I love your kitchen! I never thought about having "zones" but I guess I do too in my kitchen! I need to eliminate the "junk zone" in my kitchen, lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog–I am your newest follower!

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