A Living Room Corner & Thoughts on Decorating…

I was paging through digital pictures the other night when
I found some pictures from our living room update from 5 years ago.
I happened upon this picture from our living room as it looked in 2006.
Back in 2006, we hadn’t lived in this house for a year yet and we were still working on changes to make it our own.
We painted the entire main floor in Benjamin Moore’s gingerroot.
Ron had removed the old carpet from the living room and was in the process of laying new floors and installing new baseboard.
I took this picture of the living room in progress.
 Below is the same corner today.
I changed the drapery from navy to silk drapes that are the same tone as the walls to make the room feel airy and bright.
I removed the plates and pictures and added the ‘family’ gallery…a wedding photo of Ron and I surrounded by photos of our parents and grandparents.
A side table from Ikea in the corner and a new a lamp from HomeSense {Clearance…$25} completed the  corner for the living room.
I made the throw pillows and quilt from Amy Butler fabrics in 2008.
With the addition of a new lamp…this is how it looks in 2011.
I forgotten how much this space had changed in the last 5 years.
I got me thinking about decorating in general.
Aren’t our spaces always changing?
We add in small new things we like and weed out the things that we’re tired of.
I am getting the itch to make some new throw pillows.
And thinking about adding in another layer to the ‘family wall’.
It’s part of the fun of being a homemaker.
The repititive chores we do over and over……they are part of keeping our house in order.
The decorating fun…that is the part that feeds our soul.
Decorating our home is an expression of ourselves…and I hope it’s something that I always enjoy.

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  1. says

    What a nice and comfortable looking room, Angie! I agree with what you are saying and I think that as we grow and change our homes reflect that. I'm sure if I looked at just one corner of a room in my house, it would be very interesting to see how much it would have changed over the past 20 years we've been in this house.

  2. says

    The changes you made are wonderful. Very homey and balanced!
    I agree that decorating does feed our soul.
    I'm interested to know what choices you are going to make for new pillows!
    How's the weather there?
    We are having freak snow and just had another earthquake tremour!! Scary since we are right on the ocean!

    Pamela xo

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