what you can do in a day….

You can admire the lilacs that grow in your yard.
And wish that you had a pretty white pitcher to put them in.
But wait.
You do have a pitcher.
It’s just not white.
But with a can of spray paint….you can make it white.
I love my ‘new’ pitcher.
It’s just the perfect place for pretty flowers.
You can tackle a project like this in a few easy steps:
Choose your makeover object.
Pick your spray paint. There are lots of colours to choose from.
Take your object into a well ventilated place to spray. I use my garage…I lay down some newspapers so I don’t leave spray marks on the floor.
Spray paint your object following directions on the can. You will mostly likely need to do 2-3 coats with light sprays. If you spray too heavy….you will get drips.
Let your object dry.
You are done!
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  1. says

    That's a great idea. Your lilacs look perfect in the white vase. Do you find your cut lilacs wilt? I always have that problem, although I love them in the house.

  2. says

    it looks fabulous!

    i think a white or clear vase/jar always sets off any type of flowers even more.

    happy holiday weekend.

    p.s. your art gallery wall looks wonderful. love the paint color on the wall. of course, you can beat the art work -either. 😉

  3. says

    Beautiful! Our lilacs are "all done" now, but I did cut armfuls of them when they were blooming, and YES white vases show them off the best. Although clear glass or crystal runs a close second.

    Love the makeover… what a great idea. Isn't spray paint amazing?

  4. says

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