some ‘Grammie’ LOVE in the kitchen…

Whenever my mother comes to visit,
she & Hunter like to cook up adventures in the kitchen.
One of the ways my mother shows her love for people is to cook for them and with them.
Hunter has learned so much from her.
And one of things I love about my mother is that she is always game for whatever you want to try.
She’s such  a FUN girl!
Hunter always wants to make crepe desserts with Grammie.
This time it was crepes with sauteed pears, candied walnuts with vanilla ice cream.
Topped off with maple syrup.
Hunter feels that crepes taste better when they are flipped.
But they must be flipped by her.
The sauteed pears in all their butter, cinnamon and syrupy glory.
Candied walnuts ready for garnish.
The yummy finished dessert.
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