Fall Harvest…..

It’s that time of year again. Fall. One of our 4 favorite seasons. Some of the things that happen in our family in Fall:
  • getting out-fitted for new skates for feet that have grown.
  • purchasing new hockey gear.
  • a busy hockey schedule for both little player and Daddy coach.
  • decorating for Fall with pumpkins and leaves and candles.
  • making pickled beets and mustard pickles.
  • wearing socks again.
  • picking apples from the little tree in our yard.
  • getting up early for school and children making beds again.
  • re-organizing the pantry as nesting for winter takes root.
  • tucking the boat in for winter.
  • baking homemade bread, cookies and goodies.
  • soup recipes and crockpot dusted off after the summer.
  • another season of early morning Sundays for a skater.
  • homework and packed school lunches.
  • stocking up on fresh produce from the Farmers’ Market
  • and a NEW chore for this fall: poop-scooping in the backyard.
Thanksgiving dinner is only 2 weeks away. I am so excited to have family visiting for this holiday.
It is time to harvest all that is good.
(photo:Pottery Barn)
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  1. Anonymous says

    hi Angie,
    a little birdie told me about your blog, and i think it is so sweet. bravo to you for writing about these years that are flying by far too quickly. what a nice thing for your children to reflect on.
    take care,

  2. says

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments!!! But I know a few Rachels, so which Rachel are you? Just leave me a clue like a last initial and where I know you from…so I can thank you in person!

  3. Anonymous says

    i should have put my last initial…but i can make a game for you now (kinda fun)!!! we see each other in "a parking lot", and we have a friend in common…. let me know if you need more info!!

  4. says

    Ha! I know who it is!! I was guessing that it was you and either Tyler or TB who shared with you. Thanks so much for visiting!!
    Thinking of joining the blogging world? It has become my main memory keeping activity!

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