this one is for Danie….

Let me explain first…. I love reading blogs. I read scrapbooking blogs for ideas & to see what is new in the industry. I read sewing blogs for inspiration & motivation to try new projects…most lately quilting. Two of my fav sewing blogs are Anna Maria Horner and Heather Bailey. I read cooking blogs too…..for the same reasons. One of my favorite cookings blogs is Cookie Madness….she posts the most amazing cookies recipes. I also read travel blogs…..which brings me to Danie. She is the sister of a friend of mine who now lives in India. I read her blog because not only do I love her writing….but also I get to experience the sights, tastes, smells & beauty of India thru her most observant eyes. Recently she posted about how “India” is so “in” right now. Keen observation……. when I opened the April issue of Canadian House & Home mag….I found a feature article on a designer whose designs are inspired by India. Holly Dyment has been to India many times and each time brings back inspiration for designs for her clients who are daring enough to inject the bright hues of India into their homes. Thought you might like to see this Danie! (You can check out her blog….”Earth to Danie”.. you won’t be disappointed).


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    That is such a lovely post…Danie is enjoying Egypt right now, but i’m sure she’ll love reading your post when she finds a computer!!! :)

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    Angie, I’m finally getting caught up. What a fantastic post! I’ll definitely have to link it back. What I really love about those pages is how it’s the best parts of India mixed with clean and contemporary…which is so not India!

    Thanks so much for sharing this *hug*

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