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We will do the shopping, chopping, preparation and yes, even the clean up. In less than 2 hours you can assemble up to 12 delicious, healthy, ready-to-cook meals to be taken home to your fridge or freezer to be served at your convenience. An exciting new menu of meals is available every month.”

I have been reading about the new meal assembly businesses for a few years now. They are a huge hit in the States, and it was only a matter of time before the notion spilled into Canada. We have 3 of these ventures in our city now. All of them opened within the last 2 years and have gained a popular following of dedicated consumers. I love to cook and making meals is not an obstacle for me since I don’t have a work schedule to contend with…. however, I am still intrigued by the whole idea. My mom and I have booked a session for tomorrow afternoon…. we will make 6 meals in 1 hour! The meals will be ready to take home…. containers for taking home provided and all… we are excited to try this fun new approach to meal-making.

For those of you not familiar with this concept……

“When you arrive at our kitchen, you will be welcomed by our friendly staff. We will provide you with a coffee, apron and a good orientation to get you started.
You will move from station to station and prepare one entrée at each station. Every station is equipped with a recipe, all required utensils and is stocked with fresh ingredients that have been washed, chopped, minced, sliced, and otherwise prepared as required.
You will follow simple, step-by-step instructions to assemble your selected entrées.
Upon completing an entrée, place it on your designated shelf in our fridge, leave the mess for us to clean up, and move on to the next station.
The process continues until you have finished your order, at which time your entrées are moved from our fridge to your cooler/container to be taken home to your fridge or freezer.”

I am excited by the idea of having these meals ready for us this weekend because it seems whenever Mom visits we spend a lot of time in the kitchen… and my kitchen here really isn’t suited for 2 cooks at once…. we seem to butt butts often. And if we are going to spend time in the kitchen together…. I would rather be doing fun stuff like brownies…or apple pies.

I thought I should also mention the meals that we are “assembling”-:
Autumn Steak en Baguette. Balsamic Pork Tenderloin. Ginger Crusted Ham. Pad Thai with Peanuts. Roasted Sweet Potato and Zucchini Chicken Thighs. Tumbleweed Chicken.
(okay, now I’m hungry!)
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    Ooooo, let me know how that works out please…i’ve seen it too and would like to try it out. I guess it’s actually making the time to do it. My slowcooker gets a good working over through the fall and winter, but a change up is good too.

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    I used to do this now and again with my friends in IL. Super Suppers and my crock pot are what got me through football season. There just wasn’t enough time between school and football practices to prepare decent meals.

    It was also very convenient when I had family visit us during the holidays. I knew we’d be running the roads a lot and I wanted to be able to cook meals at home but knew time would be an issue.

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