Need Help Choosing Paint Colours? Come Visit Me At The Home Depot For Free Colour Advice! #YEG #CILOnTheRoad

Our homes are our sanctuaries and they help make us feel warm, comforted and loved. Whether we spend all day at home, or we return home after a long day at work, our homes should make us feel happy and at peace. One of the things that help us feel that way is that colours that we surround ourselves with…the furniture, the decorations and the walls. Those are the things that should reflect us and our individuality. We all want to live in homes that are nice, inspiring and uplifting!

Let’s talk about walls for a minute, shall we? Did you know that paint is the most economical decorating tool out there? A can of paint costs less than sofas, chairs, carpets and many other big pieces in our homes. Yet when it comes to choosing paint, many homeowners suffer from “paint paralysis”. Why? Because it can be painful, intimidating, overwhelming and just plain scary!

CIL Paints would like to put an end to “paint paralysis” and help make choosing paint colours beautifully simple. How? Well, by simplifying the painting process from start to finish by making paint available where you shop for the rest of your DIY projects, The Home Depot,  while making all the right colours available at a price you can afford. Furthermore, CIL Paints is keeping things simple by offering 1,224 colours for you to choose from {instead of thousands} that are perfect for today’s lifestyle.

So you will be able to find just the right colours for cozy living rooms…
…beautiful kitchens and relaxing bathrooms
inspiring bedrooms…
and playful kids’ spaces too! 
And CIL Paint has teamed up with  10 colour experts in various locations across Canada so you will be able to visit a colour expert in  your area to help you choose just the right colour for your space!
I am super excited to be the CIL Paint Colour Expert for the Edmonton Area!
I will be available to help you choose a colour that will make your space look and feel beautiful!
Just look for me with a BIG smile in the paint section by the CIL Paint!
I will be there, along with a CIL Paint technical expert, to help stop the paint paralysis!
Please come and visit me at the following locations on these dates:
Edmonton, Alberta Locations
Thursday, August 28, 2014 6-8 pm
The Home Depot, Clairview Location, Edmonton
13304 50 St. NW
Thursday, September 4, 2014 6-8 pm
The Home Depot, West End Location, Edmonton
17404 99 Avenue
Thursday, September 11, 2014 6-8 pm
The Home Depot, South Common Location, Edmonton
2020 101 St. NW
What should you bring with you?
The best way to make any painting project a success is to work with existing pieces that are already in your space!
Some things you may want to bring if you have them:
1. Pictures of your space.
2. Fabric samples, wallpaper samples, throw pillows, tiles, etc.
3. An inspiration picture of a room that you love.
4. Any colour questions you have about your home!
For the next several weeks, the various CIL Paint colour experts around Canada will be in Home Depot locations ready to help you stop paint paralysis!
To follow along and learn where you can go for free help and advice from a colour expert,  follow #CILontheroad !
Please come see me at The Home Depot!
I am so looking forward to helping you with your colour questions!

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    Such a great opportunity! I would love for something like this in my area. we've held off painting our house since we moved in… 8 years ago! lol .. we are just now starting to pick colours and such.

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