Cinnamon Bun Christmas Tree {Kids’ Project}

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers! I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving! In Canada, we celebrated Thanksgiving in October, so we still have to wait until Christmas for another turkey dinner!

Welcome to Day 4 of Christmas Cookie Week! It’s been such a great week where I have shared some other cookie creations that you can see here, here, and here. Today I am sharing a fun & easy baking project that is perfect for children!

When my kids were younger, I loved making special projects with them at Christmas!  And I wasn’t always a stay-at-home mom…I used to work full-time outside the home and my kids went to daycare and  later school when they were old enough. Back then,  I was always on the lookout for simple, easy projects that didn’t take a lot of time & preparation.

I know we have all seen those pretty Christmas trees made with full-size cinnamon buns…but I began to think what if there a tiny version…and made with a purchased can of cinnamon buns? How cute would that be? And if a can of pre-made cinnamon buns were used, how easy would that be?  And that is how this project began.

This project is designed for each child to make & decorate his or her own creation. The ingredient list is so easy that everything can be picked up at the grocery store on the way home from work!

Christmas Tree

Easy Cinnamon Bun Christmas Tree Cookies


  • Can of Refrigerated Cinnamon Buns (Each can is enough for 1.5 cookies. Allow 1 cookie per child.}
  • Tube of Green Icing for decorating the tree, {plus the decorating tip that is in the display with the Green Icing tube}, or a purchased can of frosting, tinted green with food colouring.
  • Christmas coloured sprinkles of your choice.


1. Cut each cinnamon bun in 4 pieces. Give each child 11 pieces for his/her tree. Ask them to roll 10 of the pieces into balls to make the tree.

2. Form the tree using 4 balls for the bottom row, 3 balls for the second row and 1 ball for the top row. Use the last ball to shape into a tree trunk.

3. Bake according to the directions on the can of buns. Let cool.

4. Decorate the tree with the tube of green icing or can of green frosting. {I used a tube of green frosting},

5. Sprinkle with Christmas coloured sprinkles.

6. Eat!

Now you have a super fun baking project that you can make with your child, grandchild, nieces or nephews, that can easily fit into a busy schedule.

Be sure to pop over to my friend Grace’s blog, Sense & Simplicity, to see what fun she has been up to in the kitchen today!

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    Oh!Oh! I absolutely love this idea. This is the perfect way to start a relaxing Sunday morning – pop open the biscuits, build a tree, watch it bake , decorate and EAT!! My 3 kids would be heaven making this. Thanks for sharing, Angie!

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