Holiday Outdoor Decor 2012

 Over the last week, I have finished most of my holiday decorating. Yay!
I have been tweaking things here and there, but my outdoor decor is done.
I forgot to take a picture to show you, but we have had snow~and lots of it~since the middle of October! So that means that gathering greenery myself…not so easy…everything is frozen already!
So when Superstore{ our local grocery+ store} advertised a very basic Christmas arrangement for $25, I was sold. After looking around at other stores and comparing prices, I thought it was a good deal and it fit my budget. {I don’t plan to spend anything on indoor decor this year!}
But of course, when I got home, I added my own touches to make it my mine.
I added a red bow, poinsettias and some other pieces to dress it up.
 I really love having this little bistro table by the front door…it makes such an amazing disply space for whatever arrangement I have for the season.
 And the front door got this very traditional swag that I have had for several years.
I still love it and it still looks fresh.


Next week I will be sharing my indoor decor.
Have you started or finished your holiday decorating?
What was your colour scheme for this year?

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    Very pretty! Your porch and door looks great. Our boys brought some pine pine boughs home from the farm but I bought fresh cedar at superstore too. I have family in AB so we have been keeping up with your snow. Just flurries here so far. I have most decor done and just need to take more photos.

  2. says

    Hi Angie, Everything looks lovely! I just love the fresh pine. Smells so nice too! : )
    I'm done inside but haven't done a thing outside. That's my project for the weekend!

    Danielle xo

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    I love the way you added to the Superstore arrangement. So beautiful. I have done a couple of VERY SMALL bits of decorating. We are going to the Christmas tree farm this weekend though. We have had very little snow here yet. I know it's coming, by I am happy without it for now. :)

  4. says

    Awww, I want to adopt your owl!! I have a Christmas squirrel, they could be friends! Your decor is beautiful, I love the fruit in your garland-thingee. Very homey. Found you at the Homespun Christmas party :)
    Dimples and Delights

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