How To Organize A Beverage Center

It’s hot chocolate weather here.
And that led me to do some organizing around these parts because my kitchen counter space was getting eaten up by machines….machines that spit out hot choc and lattes.
And I wish we could narrow it down to just one….but we really like both…for different reasons.
So I started considering other options for organizing a beverage center.
I have a very small kitchen and  I began thinking that a buying some kind of storage piece with ample counter space along a wall would do the job nicely.
Although I looked at several options at IKEA…they were either too long or too short for the space I needed.
On a recent trip to Homesense, I found this white cabinet and I loved the size and shape, but it was too short. Then I realized if I bought two and placed them side by side, they would provide the space and storage I needed for two machines.
{Ideally, the best solution would be a built in of some kind,but that is not in the budget.}
I love the glass doors on the front because they keep the dust away.
And the inside of the cabinets furnish great space for my  fav cookbooks{currently stored inside the pantry} and some of my white dishes.


 There is lots of space for all the hot drink fixings on the top…syrups, honey, sprinkles, spoons, etc.
 I may try to add a piece of trim to fill in the gap between the 2 cabinets to make them look like one unit. Otherwise, these cabinets are the perfect solution for creating a beverage center, while keeping everyone out of the main work area of the kitchen.
This makes for a win-win in my books.
I like to have the appliances we use everyday to be easily accessible and pretty.
And this sure is cheaper than a new kitchen…or a new house!
How To Organize A Family Beverage Center
How about you? Has winter brought about any changes in your house?

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    Looks great! I just have a kettle for my tea. I've been busy enjoying the fall but I have gotten out the sweaters and made some soups as the weather has gotten colder.

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    What a welcoming beverage station! I am sure your children (and their friends) love it! I love the idea of using portable cabinets to set up a seasonal area and in the summer they can serve on the porch with games inside and cool drinks on top. You did it again, Angie!

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    Wow! You have your own little Starbucks going there!! Your cabinets are the perfect pieces of furniture for this job. And when you need a change they can be moved anywhere in the house and used again. I see them as future night stands beside the bed!

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    Love those cabinets Angie! Homesense rocks. =) Your hot drink station is a great idea. You look well stocked for the chilly weather we're having. If you lived in Calgary I'd pop by for a drink. 😉 Have a great weekend!

    ~ Catie

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    Hi Angie, this really looks great! It's getting chilly here too. In fact I had my first hot chocolate of the season today! Your drink station is awesome! I don't blame you for not wanting to give up any of the machines. You are all set for whatever you are in the mood for : ) I love the cabinets! The glass doors look really pretty!

    Danielle xo

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    That looks great, Angie. It reminds me of my little white buffet that I have in my dining room. I use the Torani syrup, too, but the "no sugar" kind.

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    This is a really great idea. I need to downsize my cabinets so I can create "pretty cabinet displays". Right now I can't have glass doors because it's always a mess. This is one goal of many toward making my home more organized (ie. functioning better).

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    I saw your link at Get Your Craft On and love the cabinets you found. I am in the process of making a beverage center on a small cabinet top. Trying to make it functional but also pretty it up a little. :)

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    I just got a tassimo machine and all the usual accessories and i really would love to make something like this for my kitchen. space is limited so this really inspired me to make a little station somewhere. :-)

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