A Halloween Party

There is nothing I love better than having a few girlfriends over for tea.
It is such good fun to talk and laugh and share some food!
I love Fall, so I created this Halloween-themed tea party to celebrate Fall &  friendship.

Although it may not look it, I kept this tea party quite simple by buying the cookies and sandwiches form the grocery store.
I made the pumpkin spice scones with maple cinnamon frosting and pumpkin spice latte  dessert {but you could easily buy the scones and skip the extra dessert}
I know the trend these days is to have parties styled with food and treats lined up in rows on tables, but I still prefer the old-fashioned way of groupings on a table.
 This beautiful 3 tier stand is  filled with sandwiches, scones and cookies to double as a centerpiece.
{See yesterday’s post on  how to create a beautiful tea stand here.}
 And some  mason jars are dressed up with pretty striped straws and baker’s twine from Greenmuch.
{You can find them here and here.}
 And I made up littel take home treat bags of popcorn for guests to take home. The adorable treat bags also came from Greenmunch. {You can find them here.}
 And you can find the recipe for these delicious pumpkin spice scones here.
How about you?
Are you planning any little celebrations with friends to celebrate Fall?
{Thank you so much to Joy & Phillip at Greenmunch for providing me with their amazing party products for this post!}
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    What a fun tea party! I invited a friend to join me for tea next week, but she can't have wheat and to me tea always includes baked goods. So I was at a loss as to what to do. But then I read on to your earlier posts and saw your caramel apple bites! How pefect! So simple and yummy. Thanks for sharing, Angie.

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    So fun! I love the little owl bags! You have been making the yummiest treats lately -too bad I didn't live closer! lol! I featured your apple bites on my Facebook page. Have a great weekend my friend!
    Jenn xo

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    These are so cute! I always make a crazy creation for dinner on Halloween. Bat wings (chicken wings), snails (hot dogs wrapped in croissant dough) or brains (spaghetti w meat sauce).

    My kiddos love it, and they will love some of these ideas, too! Thank you for sharing your creativity!

    Billie Ross

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    Beautiful! We don't have a lot of fall traditions, but a friend of mine has a great one that we want to try out… when the first snow falls, they get out all of the china and make hot chocolate… simple, memorable… I'd love to try that this year…

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    Hi Angie, I am just getting caught up on my favorite blog and your blog is a top favorite:)

    Love this fun tea party. I really like the straws. I may give it a try and see how they turn out. I thought they would be fun for our Halloween night dinner.

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    I don't know anybody who has little celebrations like this, including me. 😉 I would come to your house any time! Lovely setting and sweet take home bags. Have a great weekend Angie!

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    Hi Angie, your Halloween table is adorable! A perfect way to celebrate friends and the season! Your pumpkin spice scones sound delicious too!

    Danielle xo

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    What a wonderfully fun thing to do, and your table looked fabulous, Angie!

    I made your pumpkin scones for company recently, & they were a huge hit! My latest post included a reference & pics of the scones, and I added a link back to your blog — giving credit where credit is due! I hope you might get some new followers from that link back — hope! Anyway, I truly appreciate that you shared that wonderful recipe.


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