Canada Day Party

Here in Canada, we are getting ready for the best long weekend of the Summer…..Canada Day Weekend.
Canada Day falls on Sunday this year, so most people also have Monday off, which makes for a great weekend of fun.
I did my running around & organizing today for a Canada Day BBQ we are hosting at our house on Sunday for some friends.
I get this habit from my Mother…who always plans for parties DAYS in advance!
We like to entertain in a very casual way…with a buffet table laid out, so people are free to eat & relax where they wish!
Canada Day Party
This morning while I was out,  I grabbed some things to make a bowl for the kids….some glow sticks, tattoos, a frisbee and a ball.
We will likely play BOCCE ball on the lawn as well because everyone can play this game.
And then we will enjoy the fireworks put on by our City later in the evening.
 I also found these great red baskets for the kids’ food, along with red cups and old-fashioned striped candy sticks.
The baskets, which will be lined with waxed paper, are easy for kids to handle.
 For the adults, I have glass plates and mason jars ready to go.
 I  wrapped the silverware in red gingham napkins{found at The Bay} and tied with twine
I LOVE red gingham!
 I found the grocery store full of things to make a sweet plate if you don’t have time or desire to make anything.
I bought sugar cookies and chocolate glazed donuts.
I added maple leaf sprinkles to the donuts and placed them in cupcake liners.
I also plan to make strawberry shortcake, but not everyone likes strawberry shortcake, so I like to offer some other things as well.
 With these things out of the way, I just have to organize the main course and some salads for Sunday.
Happy Canada Day weekend to all of my Canadian Friends!!
And Happy 4th of July to my American Friends!
But no matter where you live, or what you celebrate, I hope your weekend is WONDERFUL!

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    Looks like fun! We always have a lot of festivities here as well since our town also holds their Heritage Days over the July 1st weekend. Happy Canada Day!

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    Thanks! No idea how we are celebrating Independance Day, other than I am OFF. Yeah, go me! Wish I didn't live so far away from Canada. I love Texas, but it's so hot here! The A/C runs 24/7 and our 100 degree days have just started…bleh. happy Canada Day! (:

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    Hey! This is going to be one great Canada Day party! So much red and white… can one not feel patriotic!? I bought some of those leaf cookies today. I am not sure they will last until Sunday though!

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    Once again, I beg you. Adopt ME. I never get this organized or have a 'theme' like you do — you inspire me! Because the 4th falls on Wednesday, we're not planning anything as we all have to work the day before and after. Sounds like you'll have a perfect weekend – Happy Canada Day!

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    Happy Canada Day my sweet Angie!! (Did you enter the Canada Day giveaway on my blog?)

    LOVE everything!!! We had a fabulous Canada Day too!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! Don't forget to swing by this evening.. I can't wait to see what you link up! :)


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