On Weekends I Moonlight as a Chauffeur in Pink Pyjamas…


It’s  true.

I cannot lie.

Why you ask?

It’s simple. I have a teenager in the house. She’s too young to drive but old enough to have a busy life.

Her social life would rival Snooki’s.


I often get texts like this:

“me and Jenn are gonna go to hunger games midnight on Thursday & I’m gonna babysit for Amy on Saturday night she’ll pick me up and drop me off but it will be late. can jen and I going skiing on Friday & Saturday morning we wanna go to yoga. and the waterpark on Monday.”


The thing is that for all of this fun and stuff, I have to drive her. And really. I don’t mind.
I liken it to those on demand feedings way back when. It is for such a short period of time. And soon she’ll be driving and her friends will be driving and I won’t be needed anymore. {I’ll just be up half the night worrying about new drivers on the road, but that is a post for another time.}
I’m happy that she is happy. And doing things like skiing and yoga.
Great stuff for a 15 year old to be doing.
But when she goes out at night to hang at a friend’s house or to a late night movie on weekends, pick up time is often past my bedtime.
 I used to stay up in my clothes until it was pickup time. But gee whiz, who wants to stay up in an underwire bra all the live long day and night?
So I change into my pink pyjamas.
 And I set my alarm in case I fall asleep.
Tonight she’s off to see the much anticipated opening of the ‘The Hunger Games’. At midnight. So pick up time will be probably around 3:00 am.
So I’ll be changing into my pink cozies around 9 pm. Driving the girls to the movies around 11:15 pm. And then go home to fall asleep watch tv until a ‘pick us up please’ text arrives.
And then I’ll hop in the car in my pink pyjamas and scoot to the theatre, hoping that no one rear-ends me or any other such happenings that would force me to get out of the car in my pink pyjamas. But don’t worry….I finish off the fashionable pyjama ensemble with crocs. It completes the look.
Driving around in pink pyjamas can also have it’s rewards.
Like the time I went to pick up Hunter at a friend’s house, but on this night she kept me waiting a bit too long in the driveway. I got mad and threatened in a text, “If you don’t come right now, I’ll come to the door in my pyjamas and you won’t want that!”.
You wanna see a girl fly out the door in record time.
I guess the threat of Mom coming to the door in pink pyjamas is a great motivator.
As a new parent, I, like many,  used to spend lots of time up at night with babes in arms. Now I’m an old parent…. up at night with a steering wheel in my arms driving around town in my skivvies. Fun times.
But the reason is the same.
Because I love her.

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    HAhahaa! Yes I am the same way with my oldest. And atleast your daughter doesn't have to be embarrassed that you're the mom who came with her and her friends to see Hunger Games, more excited and giggley than they are. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. says

    That was funny! I feel like I live in my car between sports, kids at three school and their social life!!I remember the middle of the night drives the get my little ones to sleep.:)

  3. says

    My father was always so good about picking me up after school dances, etc. Thank heaven he didn't show up in his gotch because he didn't wear pyjamas! Yes, that would get me in the car FAST!

  4. says

    So funny! I totally drop my kids off to things in my "pj's" – a pair of boxers, no bra, and a tee shirt. If it's chilly, I wear my house shoes, otherwise, its' flip flops. God help me if I ever get a flat…

  5. says

    I always gladly drove or picked up my kids, Angie, for two reasons. When I was growing up, we were a one driver, one car household and I had to ask my Dad. More often than not, he was not as accomodating. So, I always swore I would happily take my kids to the movies or roller skating or wherever. Plus, I knew where they were, not walking around the streets looking for something to do!

  6. says

    OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! I can remember my mom picking us up in pj's. this is fantastic. While I still have kids who need to be rocked in the middle of the night, I am looking forward to moments like this.

  7. says

    I'm not there yet with my kids, but I'm sure when I am I'll be in the pjs too! I'll have to buy some nice ones. My dad used to pick me up at midnight after my shift working at the campus library. I didn't realized at the time there would be payback later! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    I've never commented before, but I LOVED this post. I have a toddler, and I know my days of chauffering are yet to come, but I love your attitude and perspective. I'll have to try and remember it!

  9. says

    Im not the only one? I sometimes disguise myself by adding a baseball cap and instead of crocs I wear uggs or the occasional cowboy boot!!! Maybe I will pass you in traffic,lol.

  10. says

    LOL — this brought back many fond (and some grouchy ) memories! My twin daughters are soon to be 21 and going into their last year in college but I sure did my fair share of late night/early morning runs! Wish I had thought of the pajama threat though — that would have shaved some time off of sitting in driveways for sure!

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    Loved this post! As I now have a seventeen year old, I do not have to do the drop off, pick up in my pajamas. I do ,however, get similar texts from him (I pray not while he is driving), asking to go in 3 different directions over a 24 hour period. Oh yeah…and can his buddies spend the night tonight! Of course they can…they are very familiar with me without makeup, hair in a ponytail and my favorite baggy Purdue pajamas!!

  12. says

    Funny post, Angie! Just the title alone had me laughing. I sooo get it about the underwire. That comment had me chuckle out loud! Good to hear your daughter's keeping busy and having fun. Fortunately, for us, my 22 YO moved back in and he shares with the taxing of the 14 YO sometimes. Thanks for sharing. This was a fun post!

  13. says

    Such a fun read! I really appreciate your thoughts on how you liken this stage of life to the on-demand feedings. It makes it seem so much less "inconvenient" and much more as it is: caring for our children, encouraging them in their good choices and supporting their loves and interests. All the while reminding them that we will remain MOM – pink PJs, crocs and all!

  14. says

    This post made me laugh! I also looove the picture!!!
    Reminds me of the movie Uncle Buck when he says to his niece that if she stands him up after school, the next day he'll walk her to class in his bathrobe and slippers!
    You are a great Mom, Angie! You'll be sad when these days are over. Time goes by too fast~

    Danielle xo

  15. says

    Ah, what we won't do for our darling off-spring. It would be pretty funny if you had a flat tire, though! haha!! But, if it gets her out to the car quicker, all the better!!
    Hugs, Cindy

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    I don't usually comment but this post made me come out of lurkedome and say how much I loved it. My little ones are far from this (8,6 and 4 months) but can totally see how I would do this too!

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    That's awesome. I may not have wore pink pj's but I did wear my pj's on more then one occassion driving the children, and didn't mind at least I knew they were getting there and home safe. Your a great mom and believe me, she will always need her mom, only in different ways.

  18. says

    Great post! I always loved listening to the conversations my daughters would have with their friends while I was driving them around – so fun to hear the chatter. I miss that! I am now following your blog from KK :-)

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