A Vacation Memory Jar

I have wanted to make a ‘Vacation Memory Jar’ for a long time.
I just love the look of them….something touchable and tangible.
Inside this jar rests the memories and sand from our family vacation to Florida in March 2011.

I really would have loved to use an antique jar, but I had visions of it being knocked or smashed on the floor….those types of things happen in this house….so I found this acrylic jar to use as  a safer choice.
I like the size and shape…perfect for this project.

I used simple twine to tie around the top for rustic feel….along with some scraps from my scrapbooking stash.
Some tiny clothespins worked well for attaching a tag to the picture.
I also used a photo overlay to add the pattern around the outside edge of the picture.
And sand from Cocoa Beach….a place that my family has been visiting since 1982.
The shells were collected by the children.
The little bottle full of shells we purchased from ‘Ron Jon’s’…a Cocoa Beach Landmark.
This project didn’t take very long to put together after I had assembled the jar and my stash of scrapbooking embellishments.
I just played until I got a look that was pretty to me.
{It was extremely hard to photograph though…because of light & reflection!}
The memory jar sits on a shelf in a place that we can all enjoy.
It was a such a fun project to make.
I think this would be so lovely to make as a keepsake for a wedding too….with a pretty picture inside of the bride & groom and dried flowers from the wedding…it would be stunning and unique!



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  1. says

    I love your ideas Angie. We went camping at the beach a few weekends ago and I ALWAYS collect white pebbles. Just the white ones and I am become very selective and I was thinking of a jar type of display but this is brilliant – thanks for sharing!
    Now, as you are an organisational queen, could you please do a laundry post. I have the teeniest tiniest laundry, I work almost full time now that school is back and we are in the midst of the rain/flood season and my laundry is just not coping!
    Also, do you children and husband support your systems? as in do they put things back when you have organised a corner? Mine don't and I find it sooooo frustrating. Jodie xx

  2. says

    I love that idea. I meant to make a Christmas ornament using a similar idea for our oldest son and his wife for Christmas, but never found the time to make it. I think I may make it for their first wedding anniversary though. Great idea with the mini clothespins. So cute.

  3. says

    Good Morning, Angie! I just LOVE your jar of memories. What a fabulous idea. As are so many of your ideas ;o) I took some time catching up on your past posts – good stuff as always.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. says

    I just found your blog from your profile on Hodgepodge, and I love it! I've already pinned your beach memory jar for future reference! I love to find new blogs, especially fellow Canadians!

  5. says

    I love this idea-I saw it in a magazine once. Yours looks great! I like how you can really see the photo. The one I saw before just seemed like a bunch of stuff stuck in a jar and hard to see.

  6. says

    This looks great!! How fun would it be to have a big series of these jars from different vacations. Great job!



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