Slab Apple Pie

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Apple Treats Week here at Echoes of Laughter.
On Monday, I shared a recipe for “Salted Caramel Apple Cookies”.
On Tuesday, I shared “Apple Brownies”.
Today we are talking about Apples & Family Fun!
I know that most people have their own favourite recipe for pasty, apple pie & apple crisp, so I won’t share one with you here…but I did want to share some fun ideas you can do with apples, pastry and your family.
Get your family involved!
Call it Apple Fest Day!
It can be such a fun activity in the kitchen…. plus you are teaching your children that cooking & baking is fun and it’s a needed life-long skill.
I want to share with you one of my very favourite after school snacks when I was growing up
…apple tart.
My mom would take our regular pastry recipe and make this tart on a cookie sheet.
It just requires rolling out pastry, laying it on a cookie sheet & filling with apples with cinnamon & sugar.
 It would turn into this beautiful golden pastry that would be cut into squares.
We would have it for an after school snack or it would appear in our school lunches..wrapped in wax paper.
It can also be drizzled with frosting…think of it as your own homemade pop tart…but far & away better than any store bought pop tart. And it takes no more time than a pie.
And it gives twice as many slices as pie.
Slab Apple PieWhen my Mom is here visiting with us, she is so great about getting everyone involved in the kitchen.
Everyone has a job!
She has my Dad peel apples for us.
She gets the kids involved….they love being in the kitchen with Grammie.
Here’s Tyler rolling out pastry with Grammie.
And here’s Hunter making pastry circles for stuffed apples…with Grammie assisting.
Which brings me to another delicious treat you can make with pasty..stuffed apples.
Simply peel & core the apples, sprinkle with cinnamon, sugar and a little butter.
And wrap pastry circles around the apples and bake for 15-20 minutes until golden.
My Uncle Derrick makes the most amazing stuffed apples.
When I used to work at home in Nova Scotia, he would often pop by my office in the fall with a gift of stuffed apples…they were so yummy…I miss them!
And here’s another thing you can do while apples are in season.
You can make ‘apple pie kits’ to throw into the when you want to make a pie, or apple crisp, or cookies … you have apples  ready to go from the freezer.
This is a huge baking helper.
I am making a number of these kits to go into my freezer for winter.
I hope you find some time this fall to have some fun in the kitchen with your family.
Call it ‘Apple Fest Day’ and make some yummy treats and create memories!
Come back tomorrow when I will share my family’s favourite ‘no bake’ apple recipe.
Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments I am getting about “Apple Treats Week”.
I adore you all… you make my day! xo


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    Please post the recipes for your great cooking accomplishments. How big to you cut the circles for the stuffed apples? How size is the cream cheese in caramel apple dip. Everything looks yummy and I want to try to make it myself. Thanks!

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