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Hello There!
Did you think that I was never coming back?
I occasionally take a break from blogging.  And the computer.
I find that it helps to renew the spirit and refresh my perspective!
And also another project has been demanding my attention.
I have decided to dip my toes into the world of professional organizing.
I have been taking courses,  creating a new site, designing business cards and writing my mission and goals for this new career path.
It seemed like quite a good fit for me as it combines my two loves-organizing and decorating!
I have been fortunate to also have had jobs with a few clients already.
A big focus these days seems to be personal spaces for busy moms.
I recently helped a mom carve out a new home office space…including painting the room, shopping at Ikea for furniture and then setting up an update file system.
It was a ton of fun!
I will have pictures to come soon!
I have a home office to share along with a sewing studio, and a dining room space!
And if you know anyone in the Edmonton area looking for a professional organizer…please think of me!
Thank you so much for visiting!

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    Hey there! I was wondering where you went! I totally agree about needing a computer break every now and then. Good luck with your new business – how exciting!

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    Good for you Angie!

    I just started a home staging course that will hopefully enable me to start my own business too. My love is rearranging and decorating!

    Pamela xo

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    Nice to see you back in Blogland! How exciting for you to be able to pursue your passion and make a business out of it! I know you will be EXCELLENT at it! I have some relatives in your area…wonder if they need some "organizing"?


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    Yay!! Angie's Back!!! That break was definitely TOooooo LoonnnnGGGG.
    Glad to have you back as part of my evening reading.
    AL from Calif

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    Whew!! Glad you're back ~ I thought something terrible might have happened LOL I'm a mom what can I say ~ I worry! Love the professional organizer thing ~ I'll keep you in mind for our friends and family in Edmonton!

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    Wow, how exciting! I was wondering what happened to you, I thought you went someplace warm for vacation and decided to stay there until the last of our snow melted ;o)
    I'll be sure to pass your info along to my friends!

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    So nice to see you back! I must confess I have a lot of respect for you…and other bloggers….who appear to have a life….outside of their blog. I don't have any idea how some keep up the, every day posting. I knew you'd be back eventually. :) Your new business sounds wonderful….and right up your alley. Wishing you all sorts of success!

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