Organizing a Laundry/Office Space for a Busy Mom of 4…

 A busy Mom of 4 who knows of my love for organizing asked me to help her with her laundry/office space.
Being the freak of nature that I am….a person who loves disorganization and mess because I see it as my playground….of course I said yes!
Here is what the space looked like when I arrived.
The 4 boxes you see on top of the cabinets house the keepsake items of the 4 teenagers in the house.
The cabinets hold laundry supplies and office supplies.
Below is how it looks after we purged, sorted and organized.
Much better!
The keepsake items of the 4 children were re-organized into plastic tote boxes{that held all the items} and are stored in a hallway closet.
The boxes on top of the cabinets now hold things like camera equipment, and other things stored in the office.
Inside the cabinet was an assortment of various office and school supplies.
We carefully went through the cabinet and kept and organized only those items which were needed.
This Mom was super great about letting go of un-needed things to achieve a simplified, functional cabinet.
As a side note, I cannot even tell you how cute the 3 dogs who live here were.
The large hound dog named Hudson just captured my heart.
He was like a real life Marmaduke…a loveable, sweet, slobbery marshmallow. I swear his ears weighed 10 pounds each!
And when I went to leave, I couldn’t find one of my boots that I had left in the entry.
We finally located it on the homeower’s king sized bed…snuggled up with Hudson.
{What is it that dogs always think that my footwear is just so delicious?}

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  1. says

    What a great space, Angie! It looks like she had the foundation in place to have everything organized, but I know how life gets in the way sometimes of utilizing cubbies and cabinets. Sometimes you need someone else to give you that nudge to say it's okay to get rid of some things. I love that she has a window in her laundry room!

  2. says

    Much better – you did a great job!

    We have a mix of snow and mud here now but at least we know good things are coming!
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog.
    Take care,

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