New Pillows for Spring

You know you have a problem when you have to sneak shopping bags in the house when your husband is not home.
Strangely, he notices shopping bags coming into the house…but he doesn’t notice new pillows on the bed that he sleeps in.
It’s like he has ‘decorating’ blindness.
But who am I to complain?
That darn HomeSense…if only I would learn to stay out of that store.
Last week, I spied these Amy Butler pillows.
I tried to resist them. I went home without them. But they kept calling my name.
So I went back to get 2 square Amy Butler pillows…and the little smaller one with the flowers in turquoise & green…that was the dessert to go with the dinner.

It was just the thing to cheer a girl up after a long, long winter.
Does anyone else have a pillow obssession?

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    You mean there are people who DON'T have a pillow obsession? : ) I do and I actually backed out of a PB order I was putting together for pillow covers. I came to my senses and realized I have no place to put them! I have to laugh about the bags ~ when we were growing up my Mom used to call us from work and tell us that if a package came UPS to put it under her bed.

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    Holy posting batman!! I need rollerskates to keep up with your posts!! I'm behind commenting but have visited them all!

    Love the pillows and yes my husband's antenna goes up when he sees bags..but never notices the stuff!

    Congratulations on your new venture Angie this is great! I have been wanting to do the online home staging course. We'll see!

    Pamela ox

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    I LOVE the small pillow so much! I too have a pillow obsession – there are just so many great fabrics out there.Your bedroom looks gorgeous.

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    very pretty!!! hahaha.. I know exactly what you mean. Infact, now that the hubby has left for work tonight.. I should probably retrieve the bags of new shoes from my trunk. : )

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    That's funny about not noticing new stuff unless the shopping bags are seen–mine is the same way. Your bedroom is beautiful! I wish mine looked half that nice!

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    Hi Angie! I love those pillows. They'd look pretty nice in MY bedroom too ;o) Your bedroom is gorgeous, by the way. Thanks for sharing! It is funny the things men notice and don't, isn't it?

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    How funny…I too make sure the hubby won't be home when I bring my VIP non-essentials home!! Unfortunately, he pays too much attention so I have to be careful and not overdo! Your pillows are very pretty and I love your bedroom!

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    Haha! I "sneak" bags into the house ALL THE TIME! Even though hubby is in charge of the bank account! I mean really, he sees every purchase I make, so who am I fooling?! But like you, he wouldn't notice anything new! So funny how hubbies and wives are alike!
    Scissors & SPatulas

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    I discoverd your blog some days ago and love it!
    I "travel" in your old posts and get a lot of inspiration! I love scrap and decoration.
    I stoped hear to say:
    yes! I have a pillow obssession!!
    don't have room for them anymore….
    I live in far-away Israel and i'm sending you some sun…..
    Thanks for a beautiful time hear.

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