Organizing Photos: Part 2~Options for Digital Photo Storage.

When I wrote my original post about how I organize photo negatives…
and how I store printed pictures…

I mentioned that one thing I had to tackle this year was the organization of digital photos.
I had mentioned wanting to try this system:

Well, Laurie from Handy Man, Crafty Woman left  a comment that her family was using an off-site service for storing their digital photos.
This was an option that I had never researched and I thought this suggestion was brilliant….. for 2 reasons.
1-If your computer crashes, your digital photos are safely stored off-site.
2-If a house fire should ever happen, your digital photos are safely stored off-site.
So Laurie wrote a post to share this information with us.
Please go over and visit her terrific blog!
You can learn more about off-site digital photo storage.
I am so glad that Laurie shared this information with me.
I am definitely going to take advantage of this type of service!
Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. says

    Okay now I've seen it all….organizing negatives!!! OMG you are Martha jr.!!!
    You could not pay me to show you my boxes of photos…it is so shameful.
    But I have made quite a few scraping albums for Sam thank goodness.
    Good job Angie!
    Pamela ox

  2. says

    Hey Angie! Good post. When I started scrapbooking (and went digital) 10-11 years ago, I got all my pics pretty organized. Now, they're a mess. Some here, some there, some everywhere! I actually don't have all my pics printed. I have them printed them as I need/want them. I do save on disc, but I've also used Snapfish for years – with no problems ever. It's extremely smart to use an off-site pic storing site. Also, I've heard discs don't last forever – that they do have a "shelf-life" . I'll have to look more into that.

    I've been saying for months now I have to get my photos organized. Your post may help me get motivated to do just that! Thanks!

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