Christmas Merry-Making at our house…..

I took a little break from blogging this week to focus on my family and Christmas projects.
My Christmas cards and packages to Nova Scotia & New Brunswick went to the care of Canada Post this week.
Hunter took some time to work on little gifts for the girls on her skating team:
{We will share more details later.}
My little guy has a bad cold and cough and I made sure he got to bed early this week.
Tomorrow we are having friends over for dinner, so tonight I have prepared the menu plan before I visit the grocery store in the morning.
Did I mention how very grateful I am for you wonderful ladies who read my blog and leave me comments that are very truly heart-warming?
I am very grateful!
Thank you so very much!
And if you have left a comment or email this week for me, please accept my apologies for my not responding. I promise I will get back to you this week.
I was “off-line” for much of the week as I was concentrating on some projects and taking care of my family.
One project I have been working on is my December Daily Album.
I am so excited to share this album with you next week as a guest poster at Passionately Artistic.
  I hope your weekend is wonderful!

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    I love reading your blog and — open every day to see if there is a new post. Hope your son is feelin better!! I'm excited to see your Daily December album, I have been inspired to make one, and got my paper in the mail this week.


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    Well, it's that time of year when a lot of us are more busy than usual. You're forgiven. :)
    I've only sent my cards that are going to Sweden, the other ones are still to do, yikes!
    The marshmallows look like something my boys would devour in a second. Yum!



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    Good for you to get your packages off to NS. It is always a major undertaking for me to get the Christmas mailing done. I have the next week off school so am able to focus on getting some things done as well. I hope your little guy is feeling better soon.

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