A Little Pink in My Life: The ‘Mom Cave’.

This is my little ‘Mom Cave’.
It’s not a room….but just a small nook at the top of the stairs on our second story.
I have claimed it as my very own home office and creative nook.
The goal of this space is to be both functional and pretty.
I have included touches of my favourite colour~ soft pink.
{This is the only place you will find pink in the entire house.}
It’s a  place where I write blog posts, pay bills, watch a little tv, & read blogs.
Do a little scrapbooking or cardmaking.
You can find me here in the evenings…relaxing and sipping tea while I oversee bedtime for the juniors in the house.
Pictures of loved ones grace the shelves.
 {This one is of my parents on their 40th Anniversary.}
Treasured antiques live here~
like this doll from the 1920’s that belonged to my Grandmother’s sister who died at 14 in 1931.
Precious gifts made by my children rest here too~like this shadow box made by daughter when she was 11.
Words of inspiration have a place of their own as well.
It includes a place to receive sunshine and a bench for sitting & reflecting~
And a place for visitors to perch.
{And yes…you see snow outside already…today is October 25th}
This is where I sit to read many of your blogs~
So many talented women…so much inspiration to enjoy!
Thank you so much for letting me share my little ‘Mom Cave’ with you.
{To read more about how my little nook came to be and how it is organized, click here.}
Happy Monday!

This post was written for the ‘Mom Cave’ party being held at Centsational Girl today.

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  1. says

    What a great space! I'm finally going to have a space to myself… as soon as I finishing painting and furnishing the bonus room for my husband. But I am SO excited to have a space to call my own. :o)

  2. says

    Lovely space Angie! Neat as pin and so organized..but I'm not surprised about that!

    I wanted to comment on your last post but you changed it too fast on me lol!
    I really like your mud room…this is a room I will always have to have!
    Your dad reminds me of my sweet late dad who loved to help us with everything! I hope one day you live closer to him! I found this to be a very sweet post…made me miss my dad!
    Pamela xo

  3. says

    What an inspiration you are to me! I have a "Mom Cave", but it is such a mess that I am too embarrassed for anyone to see it! I love what you have done with your space! I think I can use some of your ideas to "spruce up" mine! :)

  4. says

    This is a divine space;I would love to create a pretty little area like that. Your little treasures are so beautiful and I just love that sweet little vintage plate hanging above your desk.

    It is all gorgeous!

    Best wishes,

  5. says

    I forgot to tell you that I made the Wedding soup last night!! It turned out wonderful and we are having more of it tonight!
    Thanks for that Angie we are loving it!!

  6. says

    Wow…a lovely, feminine nook just for you! Thank you for sharing! I love all of your touches of pink! The doll is very sweet and I love that she is displayed in such a special place!

  7. says

    What a whimsical spot, just the right touch of pink. I've always like those spots at the top of stairs, because you are still in the center of things, but in your own space, too. Great job! Lezlee

  8. says

    Oh my this is so beautiful and you have really used a lot of my favorite colors; whites and soft pinks! I would love to spend time in there and I think this is a fantastic use of space! I could honestly say, I think I like it as much as I do my humble space:) And I adorethe vintage pieces you have in there. Thanks for sharing

  9. says

    Hey Angie…just love your little pink Mom Cave…so sweet. Still trying to get around and visit all of you lovely ladies and wish you all the best in the giveaway. Love your desk area and the saucer on the wall and shell lamp…functional yet pretty and femine…love that.
    Fondly, Roberta

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