Mudroom Remix

My project for this week was mixing things up in the mudroom.
My goal was to give it a little more character….to make it feel more like a room.
I wrote this post a while ago about the secrets of a great mudroom.
I wanted to give my mudroom a personality of it’s own by adding a shelf and moving things around.
Mudroom Remix
This was what was on the wall when I started.
Just a simple collage…of photos and Amy Butler paper in frames.
My ‘project’ manager this week was my Dad.
After I picked up a shelf and brackets at Ikea…he was my main man.
It was great fun working on a little project with my Dad.
He was the ‘big cheese’….I played the hand-over-the-tool girl.
Now that we live 3000 km apart…we don’t get a ton of ‘hang out’ time.
So it was nice to do this together….I miss my Dad! I used to see him almost every day.
So here is the ‘BEFORE’:
In less than an hour, we had the shelf hung.
I love theses new brackets from Ikea with the circle graphic.
It adds a touch of modern fun and interest.
Then I did the fun part~ accessorizing!
I used things I already had~ cost: $0.00
I re-used the frames I already had with the Amy Butler paper.
I re-used the clock.
I added some old family books.
The blue glass bottle was a cast-off given to my by a friend.
Here is the ‘AFTER’:
After the shelf was hung and accessorized, I moved these frames to another corner of the mudroom.
And here is the third wall of the mudroom.
It holds three bulletins board to help keep us organized.
You can read more about this project by clicking here.
Here is the ‘BEFORE’ for that wall:
Here’s the ‘AFTER’:
Now my mudroom has a bit more style.
I am really happy with this little vignette…and I can change it out whenever I feel the need to refresh.
 It’s a nice little welcome to our house.
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  1. says

    Your mudroom has great character and style! Such a pretty space to pass through or work in. We have a good sized home but the builder neglected a mudroom in this model. We have a second floor laundry instead. I dream of having a mudroom.

  2. says

    Those shelves with the circle design are fantastic – I must have missed them when I was at IKEA last. I was wondering where you buy Amy Butler paper as I keep seeing it around blogland, but thought it was only available in the States – obviously not. I love her designs – you have some gorgeous ones there in your mudroom.

  3. says

    Wow i just found your blog and i LOVE IT.

    Your mudroom looks GREAT! i love the different colors you used the atmosphere is so welcoming and homey, you must be so proud!

    I would love it if you linked this to Sew Crafty Saturday over at Sew Chic and Unique.

  4. says

    Hi. Brand-new reader and follower here. I love every single thing about your blog: the name (!), the style, your writing, the beautiful serenity of your decorating aesthetic — really, EVERYTHING!

    Maybe it's because I'm working on a hat-themed idea at the moment myself, but when I saw the bulletin boards in your mudroom, I think I immediately got that you purposely chose that order of display so that it did NOT spell out H-A-T, yes? Just an idea, but what if it DID and you hung a collection of hats above or around the boards? Not that your arrangement isn't already lovely, you understand, just that I had this thought as soon as I saw the photo. Then again, maybe I should just get my own blog and stop horning in on everybody else's, eh? :)

  5. says

    What a nice entrance to your house.
    You did a great job, the colors are great!
    Wish I had something like that in my house.

    Went to Borders to find the magazine but no luck.
    Next I will head to suggested Barnes, I'm dying to get my hands on that magazine.


  6. says

    What a wonderful space you have created!! I love the arrangement on the wall. So cute!

    I just read your bio, and got a kick out of your blind date story. I met my hubby on a blind date. Never EVER did I think I would go on a blind date, let alone meet my future husband on one!

    Your blog looks super cute! Can't wait to look around and follow :)

  7. says

    This mudroom is adorable and I love the "vignette" you have on the wall.
    Your style is great, and your blog is the first I am subscribing to in a long time!

  8. says

    I love the IKEA shelf brackets Angie & you have grouped everything so nicely to tie it all together. Our entrance is small with a glass partition leading into the main hallway so I am on the lookout for inspiration & I like the idea of the shelf …. Thanks

    Dee at the Carlton

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