An Oatmeal Breakfast Bar

I thought I would share one of our favourite breakfasts on cold winter mornings~
An oatmeal breakfast bar.
I started doing this a few years ago for my kids to ‘up’ the fun factor for breakfast.
The kids and I really like oatmeal….it’s just fun to have different topping to change it up a bit.
It’s a super easy project that takes little time.
You just  need a few jars, a pen and some labels.
Label the jars of oatmeal toppings.
Below are some of our favourite oatmeal toppings.
I try to keep it healthy~craisins, dried fruit, nuts & seeds & brown sugar.
But you could have any toppings you like!
Serve on a tray at the breakfast table.
You just need to add a pot of hot oatmeal and a small creamer of milk.
The kids love that they can add toppings to their oatmeal.
I love that they are eating something warm & healthy for their tummies.
We think it’s a wonderful way to start the day.
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  1. says

    This is a great idea! We have oatmeal almost every day, I make old-fashioned oats, or steel cut oats (my favorite) or the oats mixed with different grains. My husband always puts cinnamon in his and I use brown sugar and butter! I don't like milk!

    I'm going to do a tray with jars like yours, love the idea! Thanks for sharing!


  2. says

    I love this idea!

    Kids love to put meals together on their own.
    Tacos are a favorite in our house. I've also tried make your own chicken soup where the broth is the base, then you can add chicken, noodles, carrots, celery, parsley, well, you get the idea. Kids loved that one too.

    I would never have thought about this one, clever girl!


  3. says

    This is so special. I hope to do something similar with a coffee/tea bar on a tray for when my crafty friends come over. Thanks for the details to help! I was on a search for the perfect tray but I love you just put a towel down to decorate it. Perfect!

  4. says

    What a clever idea. Your family must love all the special touches you add to meals. I just found your blog & am also an Edmontontian. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

  5. says

    I absolutely love this idea! When we have guests over I usually put out bagels and cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, dill and some red onion…but this is so much more cozy! I can't wait to have people over so I can set this up in the morning.

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