Happy Birthday Hunter…

In honour of my daughter Hunter’s 14th birthday, I would like to dedicate this post to her and share 14 things about our big “Curly Girl”.

1. She has always been our little fashion diva. Even at a very young age, she liked sunglasses as an accessory. Here she is with Mr. Ducky at our backyard pool in 1999.

2. When Hunter was little, she had ringlets literally dripping from her head. She used to get a lot of attention because of her curls. I called her my “Curly Girl”.

{With Daddy on the Scotia Prince Ferry from Yarmouth, N.S. to Maine, U.S.A.,1999}

3. Hunter has had the same best friend for 14 years…..Miss Charlotte. Here they are at 1 yr. going out dressed in their Halloween costumes. Charlotte is a flower. Hunter is cute little piglet. {She is still mad about the pig costume. When she was 2, she was a skunk. She would be super mad if I posted that picture.}

{Flower & Piglet, 1997}
{Best Friends at the Childrens’ Festival Parade, 1999}
{Hunter & Charlotte, Best Friends, 2010}
4. Our Family & Charlotte’s family used to have a Nanny for the girls. They used to get themselves into quite a few messes.
{Best Friends,1998}
5. Hunter has always been a very loving big sister to her brother. She was a little mother hen to him when he was very young. When he was 2, Daddy was away for work and Mommy was in bed very sick with the flu….Hunter gave Tyler supper {toast} and tucked {dropped} him into his crib. Mommy was so thankful to have her help with her little brother!!
6. At 14, Hunter is quite an accomplished ‘baker’ for her age. Here she is with the birthday cake she made  for herself when she was 12. She saw the ‘flip flop’ cake idea in a magazine.
{Here she is with a birthday cake that she made with her Grandmother for her 13th birthday.
The recipe came from Martha Stewart’s baking book.}
7. Since age 4, Hunter has had a love affair with skating. First singles skating, and now her passion is synchronized skating.Here she is in her very first Can Skate ‘Show’ in 2001. Her little group was ‘Banana’s In Pyjamas’. She looks nervous because she did not enjoy performing in public.
{Her first year of synchronized skating. 2006}
{Synchronized Skating. 2009}
Her fear of performing in public is long gone!

8. Hunter loves chocolate….just like her mother.

{Hunter with chocolate cake on her 10th birthday, 2006}
9. Hunter’s dream of getting a puppy comes true on September 6, 2009. She names her little girl ‘Molly.’
10. Hunter has a total Type ‘A’ personality. She is a self-motivated individual who likes to complete projects on her own and do the best she can. Here she is painting her bedroom closet on her own. 2010.
11. Hunter is an excellent student. We never have to ask her to do her homework or to study for tests. She has always done this on her own. Here she is with her Grade 7 Honours Medal in 2009. She also received an Special Merit Award for Grade 7 Social Studies.
12. Hunter loves babies & small children. She gets asked to babysit a lot.
{Here she is with Baby Nate. 2006}
{Here she is with Baby Xavian. 2010}
14. When Hunter turned 10, we held her birthday lunch at Amerian Girl Place in Chicago. She has loved those dolls since she was 4 years old.
14. Hunter is thinking about becoming a french immersion teacher for a career. She tutors elementary children in french afterschool…she has been doing this for 3 years.
{Here she is at Madame’s desk, correcting Grade 4 French Immersion homework, 2010}

Hunter….Daddy and I are so proud of the way you are growing up!

J’taime beaucoup!! xoxoxo

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  1. says

    Happy Birthday Hunter!!

    You must be very proud of her Angie! She is a wonderful young lady and it sure is a reflection of what a great mom you are!!!
    Beautiful birthday post.
    Pamela xo

  2. says

    As a mother of two girls, it always warms my heart to see wonderful teenage girls. My mother and I were very close and I get tired of all the negative "just wait"s. Your daughter is gorgeous, intelligent, resposible, and obviously talented. I hope she has a fabulous birthday and a wonderful year ahead. Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    Happy birthday Hunter (well happy belated birthday now). You sound like such a sweety. I love the cakes you have baked and decorated and I love that you love babies (reminds me of my daughter – she calls herself a 'baby stalker'). I hope we get to see this year's cake.

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