Menu Plan Monday…..

This week is Spring Break for us. It’s really nice to have a break from routine and to just hang out and take the day as it comes.
I have recently been enjoying the blog of Eddie Ross. Eddie Ross was senior stylist at Martha Stewart Living and also appeared on “Top Design”. He has gone out on his own to bring his design savvy to the marketplace under his own name. He and his partner have purchased a farmhouse which they are busy at work restoring and refreshing. The above photo is an example of Eddie’s style and it is simple, clean and fresh.
The menu for this week:
Monday- Leftover steak and potatoes with carrots & broccoli
Tuesday-Homemade Mac & Cheese with salad
Wednesday-Taco Soup
Thursday-Taco Soup
Friday-Slow cooker Beef Stroganoff
Saturday-Dad cooks
Sunday-whatever day
By the way, yesterday was our “whatever day” and it was a wonderful day. Hunter made cornmeal and blueberry muffins and Ron requested Italian Wedding Soup. I also made a loaf of maritime brown bread with a peach/mango cobbler for dessert. My dear old friend Lis and her son came to hang out for the day and we had a nice meal, the boys had a great playdate and the girls watched Slumdog Millionaire. Ron made us popcorn. It was a good day.
(photo credit: Eddie Ross)


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