missing my hometown…

It is the time of year where I miss my hometown the most…indeed my whole home province. I LOVE the Fall in the Valley. I miss the colors of the leaves, the crisp mornings and the warm afternoons, the smell of apples just picked and the loud snap of biting into a fresh Macintosh apple. I really would give anything to go home during this season….but our budget allows for 1 trip home each year…plus with school in session… a lengthy visit would not be possible in the Fall. How I miss going to Gates’ U-Pick for a hayride throught the apple orchard and admiring all the trees heaving with beautiful, fat apples. Picking apples from the trees in my Mom & Dad’s yard. The pumpkin display at Hennigar’s Farm Market. The smell of apple cider in the air. My Mom’s apple pies and applesauce. But you have to be happy where you are…right? So I will carry on….I have been offered apples from a tree in my friend’s yard….I am so excited to receive this gift. The greatest part is that I can actually go and pick the apples myself….and maybe just for a few seconds……close my eyes and pretend I am in the Valley.


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