feeling in a holiday mood today…

so i refreshed the look of my blog just for the season. did a little christmas shopping today. thinking about how I am going to decorate. discovered that my favorite line of environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies has released a holiday line in scents just for the season…. can’t wait to try this one…… cinnamon bark. i also changed the title of my blog back to what it was originally was when i started blogging in 2005. i forgot what i used for a password for that blog and i could not access it, so i had to start over with a new blog…. and i couldn’t get the title back…. but that blog must have finally expired and the title released. happy to have my blog title back. never did care much for mindless chatter, but it was all i could think of at the time. picked up the new issue of canadian living magazine today…… the issue with the cookies on the front. starting to make up my list of christmas cookies for this year….new recipes I want to try. wishing I could be home for the christmas cookie exchange this year…..of course… I could start a cookie exchange here.


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Angie! I just wanted to say that I picked up some “Method” products after reading about them on your blog! I LOVE them. They smell so good and it’s nice to know they are environmentally friendly. Aaron approves :)

    – Amanda

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