love making whoopie……

PIES that is!! Many of my favorite recipes have come from my mother’s kitchen, but this is the one exception. This was not a recipe made in our house-the favorites in our house were brownies, chocolate cake, macaroons, & nanaimo bars. Whoopie pies were a favorite recipe of my best friend from elementary school. I have vivid & fond memories of going to her house for lunch or after school where her mom would have a plate of freshly made whoopie pies ready for us. Oh, how I used to love to go her house for her mom’s whoopie pies… they were so tender, cakey and chocolatey good! Eating a whoopie pie was such heaven and if you finished one, you could actually have another!!! Fast forward about 30 years and I have the original recipe from my friend’s mom and we make them often in our house. Both kids love them as I do. I have taken to making these for the kids lunches…after a batch cools, I wrap each pie in wax paper and then put in a ziploc bag in the freezer from which I just add to lunches as needed. I NEVER buy packaged cookies-“Oreos” or “Pirates”, or “Dad’s” or whatever. My mother always had homemade goodies in our lunches growing up and I would like to carry on in that tradition. A few weeks ago when Hunter took a whoopie pie to school in her lunch, one of her friends commented that whoopie pies “look so good”! So we have invited that friend over today to make whoopie pies-they are not a common baked good here-you cannot find them in grocery stores-and many people have never heard of them and look rather startled when they hear “whoopie pie”. I believe whoopie pies are of New England origin…although I would have to “google” that to be sure. Today, you can be sure that around 3 pm, we will be sitting down to a cold glass of milk and a whoopie pie…..


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