Friday night is martini night at our house……

I have Mom to blame for this…. we got into drinking martinis when I was home this summer. First we started indulging every night… then we scaled it back to Fridays only. One of the first things I did when I arrived back from our visit was to purchase martini glasses, a cocktail shaker and some mixes. Ron’s favorite martini is pomegranate. I am partial to green apple martinis. Mom likes a dirty martini.
There is something very fun & celebratory about having a drink to recognize the end of the work/school week. It’s a time to wind down and relax. Hang out and spend some time together. I think next week I am going to host a “partini” after school at my house for some of my girlfriends…invite them by for a quick drink after school before they head home. It’s a nice way to kick off the weekend. Cheers!


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