And moving on to ‘Happy {Hearts} Day’…

So I skipped over decorating my mantel…or anything…. for Winter.
I have enough winter outside my front door thank you.
And this technically is not a mantel. It’s the top of a piano.
A ‘piano-tel’ if you will.
I had all of these things already…except for the Valentine jelly bean mix, which I picked up this morning.
 The picture of Ron and I is from our first month of dating almost 20 years ago.
And the other picture is the fruit of our 20 years together…our 2 little sweeties.
 The absolutely gorgeous Valentine-themed subway art came from Eighteen 25.
{I love those girls at Eighteen 25. They share some pretty cool stuff. For free.}
Now if only someone were around to smack my hand away from those jelly beans.
I am so cursed with a ‘sweet tooth’.

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    I just took down my Christmas decor and since I'm so late with that I also decided to "skip" any winter decorating that I usually do. I was feeling a bit bad about it but your post has made me feel much better about heading right into V's day! We also have a LOT of "winter" to look at outside our windows!!


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    What a great frame for that subway art, Angie! Very romantic looking! How sweet is the picture of you and your hubby, and the red and white polka dot frame is just plain fun. I bought some Valentine M&M's and put them in an apothecary jar that has an opening too small for a hand to fit in! Ha! Although, that may backfire on me if someone breaks the jar and/or lid trying to get some out.

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